She Braids All Her Hair Under Her Chin, But Look What Happens When She Flips It Over Her Head

beautiful braided hairstyles

Braids are the simplest thing you can do to your hair, right? The go-to style for when you need to leave the house early, for a romantic look, for a boho look…

How is it that braids have a way of looking fantastic for every occasion. And you may think you’ve tried every braid trick there is, but wait until you see this one.

Unlike many of the varieties where you braid your hair towards the back, this girl does it right below her chin.

It looks weird-ish that way, but this video has a plot twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan, if M. Night Shyamalan was braiding hair.

We know you’ll finish watching this video and run for your hair ties and your mirror, because this looks too easy to make and too cute. Almost like you’ve spent hours at the hairdresser’s, when in reality, all you’ve done is learned a cool, quick trick.



Source:Wolfe Officiallittlethings

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