One Of The Bravest Couples Walks Down The Aisle

One Of The Bravest Couples Walk Down The Aisle


Share with me the awe that I feel for this amazingly brave couple, who took a walk down the aisle.

Kevin Taylor broke his leg thirteen years ago. However, that’s not all. In a vile turn of events, he developed a debilitating nerve disorder called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, or RSD.

This disposition saw him visiting the hospital every month for ten years, until the situation became so bad, that something had to be done.

The doctors had to amputate his leg.

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You would think this would ruin a young man’s life. Kevin always kept his spirits high, and that was the reason, his now fiancée Kim, fell in love with him.

Their lives changed in split second.

“The first time I saw her, it was love at first sight”, says Kevin.

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Not Kevin, nor Kim minded the wheelchair. They led their lives just as any other couple. Their happiness was even more valuable perhaps due to the hardships that they were overcoming together. Consequently, they decided to get married.

The reception was to take place at Caprock Winery. What neither the guests, nor Kim knew, was that Kevin was taking lessons to be able to stand up on his two feet again and stand tall beside his bride. “Now when the preacher says ‘everybody please stand’. I am going to stand up. And my groomsman is going to take my wheelchair from me. I’m going to walk to her.”

In the video below, we see Kim entering the reception, holding her father’s hand, walking down the aisle.

Suddenly, the shot changes and we see Kevin getting ready to stand up.

As the father and the daughter approach the groom, Kevin stands up and starts walking to his bride!

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“I just saw him walk for the first time ever. And there are – I’m blown away, about – I about fell over backward. I honestly did.”, said Kim with tears coming down her face.

It seems like love surpasses all obstacles.

“Nothing has stopped him before. But now, that he’s walking, and there’s nothing it’s going to stop him, nothing”, says Kim.

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I honestly wish these two all the best! They deserve every ounce of happiness in this world.


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