Sticks And Stones Might Break Your Bones But Zoe You Are A Fighter!

Sticks And Stones Might Break Your Bones But Zoe You Are A Fighter!


Little princess Zoe Lush from Huntington Beach, California has a very rare disease that causes her bones to break at the slightest movement.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a group of genetic disorders that affect the bones and result in bones that break easily.

The doctors found out that Zoe had this rare disorder even when she was still in the womb. They did a 4D scan, and it showed most of her bones fractured even then.
Zoe suffered a shattered collarbone during birth and broke another 100 bones before turning one.

bones 1

Chelsea Lush, Zoe’s mother was 20 at the time and was instructed to abort the baby. Chelsea never did that. On the contrary, she believed in her daughter!
“Zoe is very fragile, she literally breaks in the wind,” said Chelsea. “There have been some close calls but she astonishes us every single day.”

“The doctors said she wouldn’t even make it through birth but now she’s coming up to her seventh birthday.”

When she was born, it was recommended that she stay one week and undergo a treatment with pamidronate, a group of medicines.

Twenty-seven years old Chelsea recalls the first time they had to take her home and change her diapers.

“One person to lift her pelvis, one person to slide the diaper in an out and then another person to hold her arms because babies have startle reflex,” her father Curtis Lush said.
“I was on arms duty and she startled in to my hand. Her radius just snapped – it sounded like a broken chicken bone. We had to learn a lot, very quickly,” he added.

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Six-years old Zoe is now doing far better. She has had metal rods inserted into her limbs and a cervical spinal fusion.

Her parents say that since she’s grown and learned to talk and communicate her pain, it is far easier just to cope with the everyday activities.
Plus, Zoe is a fighter! She leads her life just as any other kid. Her parents said that she has a sunny disposition and enjoys all kinds of activities that other kids are able to enjoy too!

They even made her a Facebook page and the description reads: “I may be small, but I’ve had lots of BIG adventures!”

Zoe, if you can only now how much I like you, you little lioness!


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