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The Brenda and Shirley Show | Kitchen FAIL

Dips fail

Laura Lee and FAIL in the same sentence? Well, did you know Laura had an alter-ego? As if the famous California-based Youtube star was not entertaining enough while being herself. Now, she needs another character?

Is it really a fail, though? We beg to differ.

The Brenda and Shirley Show is a side-project. Laura gets to dabble in comedy disguised as Shirley, although her sense of humor is very palpable in her ‘regular’ videos too.

The Brenda and Shirley Show also stars another widely followed blogger, the man behind the makeup, beauty and lifestyle channel “Makeup is a One Size Fits All”, Patrick Starrr. He has, of course, also reinvented himself, appearing as big, beautiful Brenda.

In this installment, Lee and Starr, who together have more than 4 million Youtube followers, fail miserably and hilariously in the kitchen.

Source:Laura Lee

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