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You Won’t Recognize Brendan Fraser In These New Pictures


Famous Canadian-American actor, Brendan Fraser has been acting since 1991 but the world noticed him in 1997. That’s because he starred in George of the Jungle which had an insane success. After that, he started acting in big Hollywood movies. Remember him in The Mummy? But it has been a while now since the 48-year-old has been in the public eye and you won’t believe what he looks like today.

He used to be one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and the hottest one for sure.

Brendan was so attractive in that movie!


Source: Sky

I mean, let’s take a minute to appreciate his hard work on his body in George of the Jungle. Wow!


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And  let’s just not start on The Mummy! Hot.


Source: Fanpop

Ahhhh, here he is looking amazing in the Mountain uniform.


Source: Presto Entertainment

But have you seen how he looks now? Yup, that’s Brendan!


Source: Perez Hilton

Right after The Mummy trilogy he starred in Journey to the Center of the Earth in 2008.


Source: Tribeca

Remember him on the popular children’s story Inkheart?


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The return of the long, flowing, luscious locks in miniseries Texas Rising.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

Now, he’s got two movies coming out later this year.


Source: Zimbio

Even though Tom Cruise is taking over The Mummy franchise, it would be so awesome if Brendan made an appearance. Do you agree?


Source: Lebeau’s Le Blog

Are you excited to see him again in the acting world? Which one of his movies is your favorite? Let us know with the comments below.


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