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Bride Goes Crazy When Groom Blows Whole Wedding Budget On Pigs



Even though we have seen many bad decisions on Don’t Tell The Bride, this one has to be up there with some of the worst. Billy Grieves though that it would be a great idea to spend  £14,000 on bringing in 50 pigs just to walk his fiance down the aisle. He also gave the bridesmaid pig onesies because her nickname is “little piggy.”

The 23-year-old bride named Steph, was left fuming.

Billy hired the 50 pigs attempting to break a world record pig parade that failed when the pigs decided they were having none of it.


Steph always dreamed of a traditional wedding in the country.

She said:

“I’m so mad now, I don’t want to go to the wedding, I’m fuming.”

Steph’s mother was also furious and was unable to crack a smile walking down the aisle.

She said:

“When your first daughter is getting married, this is not what I wanted.”


Even though Billy seemed most disappointed for not breaking any record, he said: “I’m not a world record holder but I married the girl of my dreams.” Nice!

While some took the situation pretty funny, others though that he is a complete “melt.”

Re Don’t Tell the Bride, what idiot makes the bridesmaids wear pig onesies for the actually wedding, he is such a melt

— Fiona May (@fionamay4471) August 3, 2017

A little advice: If you want the wedding of your dreams, never go on this program.


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