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This Bride Spent More Than $1,300 To Turn Her Ears Into Elf Ears

Did you know that on average, a wedding costs $26,720? No? Well, now you do. But you can thank me later, because today we’re bringing you a fascinating story about a bride and her elf ears.

Mmm, weddings. Order now and get yours for only $26,720!


But, meet Suzi.


Besides being surrounded by shades of purple, her perfect wedding day included cosmetic surgery to make her ears look more elven. You know, like Legolas and Frodo’s ears from The Lord of the Rings!

It took two separate surgeries and more than £1,000 to achieve the desired look.


The bride herself is overjoyed. She says:

“I like to think of myself as a sort of mermaid elf fairy princess. I love how elegant and ethereal elves are – there’s something very feminine about them. I first heard about the elf ear implants via a YouTube video about 18 months ago and absolutely loved it. I have no regrets at all.”

Suzi loves thinking of herself as a mermaid elf fairy princess.


She first found out about elf ear implants a year and a half ago, from YouTube. From there, she proceeded to find the local artists who could do her ears the favor.

The nearest one was a six-hour drive away, though. But she did it.

Their wedding photoshoot included a unicorn to complement the fairy princess.


The bride had more to say about the whole procedure:

“They numb the ears first via an injection which, for me, was actually the most painful part. Then, they cut through the cartilage at the top of your ear and feed the implant through. The skin then sorts of stretches back over and it’s left to heal. Like with any sort of body modification, there was a risk of rejection but, thankfully, I’ve had no problems.”

She then went on to add: “People would want to touch them a lot, and, as they were still hearing, it was agony.”

They look so good.

PA Real Life - Suzi Botha - Elf ears

The first set of implants cost Suzi $515, but she later decided she wants them even more pointy. After all, the special day – the wedding with Ivan Botha, twenty-four, was fast approaching. She really wanted her elf ears to be more, well, authentic.

She had to save for it, though: “I saved up really hard to be able to afford it, figuring that, if I was going to have something like that, it might as well be as dramatic as possible. I had a go hard or go home mentality.”

Several weeks later the wedding came, and Suzi and Ivan tied the knot:


(PA Real Life/Phoebe Hofsteede Photography)

Her elf ears are almost recovered now, and Suzi doesn’t dismiss even bigger implants.


“I don’t think I’ll take them out, I’ll just keep going bigger and bigger, for as long as my ears will allow. My artist is fantastic, he’s kept in touch with me this whole time and always advises me how to care for them,” she said.

But she had one last piece of advice:

“To anybody thinking of doing the same, I’d say find someone as professional as I have, and talk to people who’ve had it done, so they can answer any questions for you. I absolutely love my ears, they were worth every penny.”

I have to say, I kinda want elf ears now too!

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