The Special Guests Were All This Bride Needed For Her Wedding Day

The Special Guests Were All This Bride Needed For Her Wedding Day


It takes boundless amounts of love to be a teacher. So much love, that in a way you come to see your students like actual family. All you wan’t to do with family is share the special moments of your life. And there is no day more special than your wedding day.

That is what Ollie was thinking when he was planning a special surprise for his bride to be. He decided to surprise Liz, his fiance who is a teacher of Dance and Musical Theater, by bringing in some special guests for their wedding.


Everything seems to be going according to plan, with the happy couple in front of the altar exchanging their vows. But everyone attention seems to slowly be moving towards the back to the church. The only one who does’t notice anything seems to be Liz, who is just too excited about her wedding day. So its up to Ollie to draw her attention behind her to all the fuss. And as soon as she turns, tears start streaming down her eyes.


It turns out that all her students actually made it to the wedding afterall. They are all standing in the choir loft, singing from the bottom of their little precious hearts.


The song that they are singing is “A Thousand Years”, a beautiful love ballad by Christina Perri. And it has never sounded sweeter, especially for Liz, who doesn’t seem to be able to get over the moment.


According to Ollie, the entire thing was very hard to keep as a big surprise. He could not have done it without the help Jaren, who is the owner of Jaykays Dance Company and Liz’s employer. But all the planning and preparations meant the world to him once he saw the joy of his new wife.

There were no dry eyes left in the church after this heartwarming moment.

Source: Vimeo , inspiremore

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