This Bride Picked The Wrong Flower – And Accidentally Poisoned Herself

Marriage is a not something to be trifled with, as this bride discovered on her own – the hard way.

As the Daily Mail reports, the excited bride Christine Jo Miller, from Lincoln, Nebraska, decided to pick some flowers for the wedding the next day. Little did she know that one of the pesky herbs, called “Snow-on-the-Mountains” was known for its very potent allergic reactions.

The twenty-three-year-old recovered, but it got worse before it got better.


Despite its pretty petals, the plant is similar to the poison ivy, which is probably all that needs to be said. But Christine didn’t know that, and let’s be honest here – almost no one knows that. If it were me, it would’ve probably been worse, since I have a habit of shoving my nose down every flower’s genitals. (What, you didn’t know that the beautiful, fragrant, colorful flower petals are basically a plant’s crotch?)

Anyways, Christine had it rough the next day. But despite getting a nasty rash, and such swells on her eyes that she couldn’t even see, she still braved it all the way to the aisle and managed to marry her husband Jon. But as soon as they said their mutual “Yes,” he rushed her to the nearest hospital because the pain was getting unbearable.

See this? Don’t pick it. It’s called “Snow-on-the-mountains” and IT’S BADASS.


Doctors acted quickly, and soon the bride was feeling better.


Her husband Jon, twenty-four, rushed her to the hospital.


“She was struggling to keep her eyes open, they were constantly watering and she just looked miserable,” he said.

He rushed her to the hospital right after they said their vows.

“I thought I was dying at that point,” the bride recalled.


Luckily, it all ended well! Congrats guys!


Source: dailymail