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3 Brides Wear The Same Dress And Have The Same Wedding Day! Who Got Confused?


Women will agree that many of them like their wedding day to be special and unique. Some even spend years planning even the slightest details that mean the world to them. This was the case with these three women who planned to have their wedding on the same day, wearing the same dress and makeup. Why would something like this happen? Well, if you look closely in the picture, you’ll notice they look almost the same. Yes, they are triplets. Tagiane, Rafaela, and Rochele are 29-years-old ladies from Passo Fundo, Brazil, who just wanted to have their special wedding on the same date, wearing the same dresses.

The preparation started soon after they had agreed on the date. Then, an altar was specially constructed to accommodate the entire party. Rafaela wed Rafael, Rochele married Gabriel, and Tagiane exchanged vows with Eduardo. Luckily for the triplets, their husbands have no physical resemblance whatsoever.

The color of their bouquets was the only thing that was different. Also, each also chose six bridesmaids, wearing dresses in yellow for Rafaela, blue for Rochele and red for Tagiane (matching their flowers). This gave a total of 18 women to lead the wedding.

Their father, Pedro, walked each one down the aisle. “We decided that we would all walk down the aisle until halfway down the church. From there, I would take one at a time,” Pedro said.

Interestingly, the grooms didn’t have a problem with identifying their brides. “Oh yes, I knew which one was mine, for sure. I knew as soon as she entered the church, she was the most beautiful,” Tagiane’s husband, Eduardo, told Daily Mail.

However, the brides were the ones who sometimes deliberately confused their grooms. Rafael, who married Rafaela, remembers: “There was a time when we were all in the kitchen making dinner. So Rochele, who is Gabriel’s, was doing stuff at the sink, and Rafaela was at the stove. We were there chatting and they changed places. I went behind to hug her, and said “oops” when I realized I’d got the wrong girl.”

Luckily, this didn’t happen on the wedding day. The three ladies say that they’ve always had the same interests and that’s why they decided to do this. Their wedding day was a way to also strengthen their bond as a family.

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