Brilliant DIY Way How To Make The Coziest Hanging Chair From Scratch, For Real Summer Relaxing


I am pretty sure you would love to come home after a long day at work and relax in your backyard. You can just sit there, enjoy the view, breathe, and let your brain take some fresh air. Peace of mind. What if I told you this can get even better? Angie Diersman from eHow has a really cute and awesome Macrame Hammock chair DIY project that you will immediately fall in love with. It can absolutely be the best summer inspiration. She works with this macrame technique, which includes knotting together cords. This technique is a centuries-old method used to make furniture, plant holders and other home decor items. Take a look and get going. You know you already need it. Enjoy!


You will need:

3 1 1/4-inch hardwood dowels, 30-inches long
2 5/8-inch hardwood dowels, 36-inches long
200 yards, 1/4-inch macrame cord or rope
8 yards, 1/2-inch rope
4 1-inch wood screws
Measuring tape

Measure the Dowels

First start with Measure the Dowels

Drill Holes in the Dowels


Sand Down the Holes

Sand the Holes

Slide the Dowels Together

Slide the Dowels Together

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