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Britain Colder Than Iceland This Weekend With -4C Temperatures


Cold weather is not uncommon in Britain, especially around these months. But, this year it will get even colder because of the La Niña weather phenomenon, which last hit the UK in 2010. Now once again, Britain has been warned that this coming weekend, extremely cold weather will arrive as polar winds and snow are forecast to hit parts of the country. Scotland and the North of England are set to shiver as the mercury will sink to as low as -4°C icy degrees (25°F), with many areas in the South getting temperatures around zero. Also, the mountainous region encompassing northwest Scotland is expected to be hit by snow from Tuesday on.

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“Low pressure will bring further bands of cloud, rain and showers through the end of the week, turning wintry across the Scottish Highlands, but with some drier interludes at times,” said a spokesperson for The Weather Channel.

With Halloween behind us, it’s normal for the temperature to drop but the weekend forecast is uncommon for mid-November. In fact, the expected average temperatures are between one and three degrees lower than what is usual for this time of year. The spokesperson added: “A cooler north-westerly flow will develop over the weekend with temperatures dropping below normal on Sunday, and it will turn drier ”

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With this type of drier weather that can make the temperatures feel even lower than usual, the smartest idea would be to stay at home and have a cozy weekend. However, if you do need to get out you are advised to be careful and watch your step as frost will form up and down the country overnight.

Snow is expected to fall in Northwestern England, Wales and Scotland, however, the east of the country will be spared the brunt of the weather, with cold but clear days. The high areas will be most affected, particularly the Pennines, Highlands, and Snowdonia because of the sleet and snow sticking. There is good news for the South of the country and central Britain, as they will have heavy showers and strong winds, but also a little bit of sunshine. It will remain chilly into next week, so make sure you don’t leave the house without warm clothing.

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