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Britain’s Smallest House On Sale For £70,000 Is The Coziest Place On Earth


Have you ever imagined yourself living in the smallest house ever?

Britain has just put its smallest house on sale, and it looks like the absolute coziest and warmest place you can imagine! Just when you thought small houses are claustrophobic and messy, here is a challenge for your opinion! London is offering the cutest little home and wait ’till you see the interior.

We’re talking about a former stable dating two centuries back, from 1795. They consider it the only remaining part of a larger property in Stockport, Manchester. It has gone on sale as a one-bedroom cottage for £70,000 (about $90,000). In the distant 1795, people constructed it for the wealthiest man in the region, William Sykes, who set up a bleaching firm, then the Edgeley House.

It is surprisingly 176 sq-ft, found in the Edgeley part of Stockport. Many agents have the task of selling this house, saying: “At 176sq-ft it is the smallest home we have ever sold but it has got the biggest heart and it is definitely a case of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole.”


Also, they added the one-bedroom house “takes minutes to view and even less time to appreciate, with a studio lounge with an open plan bed deck above and separate kitchen and shower room and that is it.”

Interestingly, the home also comes with an additional toolshed and small courtyard. Now that is a small package of love!

Additionally, the lounge has built-in shelving and fitted spotlights and the kitchen has all the facilities you could need living alone.


The interior is so warm and welcoming.


Moreover, you need to have the money in cash in order to buy it. It is the only way. If you happen to have the money, you will be the luckiest person in the world.

Featured Image Credit: Manchester Evening News

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