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British Food Might Be Confusing To The Rest Of The World, But It’s Yummy!


Since we don’t live in Italy to enjoy all the delicious pasta or France with the amazing bread and pastries, we will take what we can get. And actually, Brits have a lot to offer to the hungry people when it comes to food. Their food can be confusing sometimes but it sure is very yummy. Below you have 16 times that British food seriously confused the world.

Be sure to let us know in the comments which one of these is your favorite (if you’ve tried any of them, of course).


1. Yorkshire pudding

Even though it sounds like a dessert, Yorkshire pudding is a mix similar to pancake batter. So delicious!

2. Black pudding

Turns out that black pudding also is not a dessert. It’s kind of an acquired taste!

3. Beans on toast

— eireann (@BLONDEDLlFE) October 19, 2017

This is delicious and you just have to try it.

4. Toast is life

Sorry not sorry.

5. Dishes like “roast chicken and yorkshire pudding” might confuse you.


You don’t cook them in the same pan. If you’re not British these terms might confuse you.

6. You will never know what a ‘chip butty’ actually is.


To be fair, there are too many names for it.

7. Spotted dick is a thing

It’s a dessert too.

8. Colin the caterpillar


This is a very famous dessert and everyone is happy to see him.

9. An American trying Marmite out of the jar

Marmite and the Australian equivalent Vegemite have quite the power to divide opinion.


Bad idea pal.

10. Do Americans use egg cups?


How do you eat your egg?

11.  The egg cup is not necessary since Americans don’t eat soft boiled eggs.


12. The Sunday Roast is life.


Perfect Sunday.

13. Boost the power


It’s not a joke.

14. Red and brown sauce.

Use the color and you’ll be fine.

15. Haggis.


It’s actually a Scottish food.

16. Scotch egg.


All you need to know is that it has an egg in it, the rest is mystery. Well, not really, on the outside of the egg you have pork in batter. Simple, but very effective.

Source: auntyacid

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