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Ten Expectations That Are Placed Upon Every British Princess


Being a princess ain’t like in the Disney movies at all, you know. The life of the British royal family, for example, is often romanticized, but being a member is hard work which comes with uncountable rules that have to be followed at all times and a public image that can never be tarnished.

If you still dream of being a princess, you might change your mind after reading the ten things that would be expected from you at all times were you to marry a British prince. Read up, and be honest: could you cut it as a royal?

1. One must abide by the Queen when it comes to household rules


The Queen actually sets the tone and the pace of everyday activities with her actions. For example, when the Queen finishes her meal, everyone else is supposed to stop eating as well, even if they still have food on their plates.

2. One is not allowed to go by a nickname


Any nickname one had in their previous lives is done and dusted, Kate being formally introduced and known as Catherine.

3. Princesses are not allowed to vote


Although legally nothing stops them, it is generally frowned upon because it’s deemed ‘unconstitutional’ to do so, as royals are expected to be free from political bias.

4. One may not run for political office


Once again, this is widely considered unconstitutional. Instead of focusing on politics, most female royals focus on official appearances and humanitarian visits.

5. One has to be well-groomed at all times


Because of constantly being under public scrutiny, for a royal, it is unacceptable to ever look anything other than their best, even during a charity run!

6. Charitable as possible


Reportedly, a princess is expected to find at least two charities that she will then support as much as possible. Royals are also encouraged to create their own charities.

7. Princesses are encouraged to learn as many languages as possible


When they visit other countries, it is expected of them to be able to hold basic conversations with foreign royals and even the natives they meet.

8. No shellfish!


Myth has it that this was a practice introduced by Queen Elizabeth who has always been petrified by the possibility of getting food poisoning.

9. One has to give up on their career


Being a princess is a full-time job after all!

10. Royals always before former commoners


At any event, family members who are former commoners may never arrive before someone who was born into royalty. However, if for example, Kate was with her husband, Prince William, she would then be allowed to do this.

Source: buzz.auntyacid

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