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Britney Donated Water Color Painting To Auction, Sold For $10,000


Britney Spears is one of the best selling pop singers in the past 20 years. The remarkable career she has had so far has earned numerous hits, the most highly regarded awards in the industry, a sizable bank account from the earnings and an enormous fan base. But her artistic spark is only now coming to light.

She surely dominated the charts in her heyday, but nowadays her attention is pointed in a somewhat different direction. It seems she is poised on making a lasting impression in the world of painting, too.

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This 35-year old mother-of-two, as many pop stars before her, has been through many controversies in her life. Her latest venture into the world of painting left many people a bit confused. Some even compare this phase with the infamous meltdown from 2007.

She, on the other hand, seems to have a good reason for trading the stage light for the shades of her house.

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Recently, she posted a short video on Instagram. In it, she is painting calmly in the garden of her mansion in California. The video is in harsh contrast with her usual uploads, consisting of dancing seductively on a stage, or details of her workout routine.

The camera pans around her, while she is concentrated on her painting. The canvas features lightly colored flowers, probably inspired by something from her $9 million home garden.

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Posted for her 18 million followers, the video is captioned, “sometimes you just gotta play!!!!”. It has surely sparked divided opinions. Some people were dazzled by her fairly naive brush strokes. Others cried out – terror!

One man though was so impressed by the Pop Queen’s work, that he was willing to splash $10,000 for one of the two canvases.

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As is often the case with celebrities, anything they touch could be worth its weight it gold. So it’s not surprising that Britney’s paintings immediately became very sought after. No wonder the famous umbrella she used to hit the paparazzi with in 2007 reached a staggering $100,000 at an auction.

Probably that is the reason why she decided to donate the two canvases. A charity auction was held for the benefit of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. The tragedy seems to have affected Spears too. For almost four years she has had a very successful show on the famous Vegas strip, at Planet Hollywood, called ‘Britney: Peace of ME’. She loves Vegas, and just had to do something in regard to what turned out to be the deadliest shooting massacre in U.S. history, with 58 people dead and 546 injured. Donating her pictures for the cause came as no surprise.

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She accompanied her donation with a video, explaining the inspiration and meaning of the two works:

“The flowers in my painting represent a new beginning, and it’s in that spirit that we move forward. All the proceeds from the winning bid go to Vegas Cares Memorial Fund. I appreciate your kindness and your generosity — I love you Vegas.”

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Somewhat unexpectedly, the watercolor painting reached a price of $10,000. It was Robin Leach, a Las Vegas resident and TV personality one who decided to open wide his wallet.

Although the donation was ample, many online fans were not quite ‘charitable’ when they took to commenting.

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It’s no surprise that in this day and age, you can find the harshest art critics online. One somewhat furious person wrote: “If I were going to donate to charity I would give something worthy of the term ART”. Still, there were also a lot of those that had a positive outlook on the matter. ‘She is so cute’, “Great job, Brit”, and similar words of praise abounded.

Ultimately, no matter if you’re a fan or not, it cannot be denied that Britney is one of the most charitable stars out there. She is constantly supporting and helps in raising awareness for the issues of those less fortunate all over the world. That is certainly one reason more to love her.

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