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Cold Response To Britney Spears Biopic ‘Britney Ever After’

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Former Mickey Mouse Club members Justin Timberlake, 36, and Britney Spears, 35, used to date between 1999 and 2002. Now, audiences were able to see it all again on the TV screen. That is, in Lifetime’s film ‘Britney Ever After’, which premiered on the 18th of February.

And although the actors involved have spoken about how enjoyable of an experience working on the project has been, the public’s response has been far colder. Far far colder!


“Going through it felt a lot like Romeo & Juliet — these two star-crossed lovers, it felt so relatable,” said Nathan Keyes. He should know, as he is the actor portraying Justin Timberlake in the movie.


“It was their first love, and the only difference is they were living it out in front of the world. I can only imagine the amount of pressure and strain that puts on a relationship,” Keyes added.


“Regardless of what people say, I think it’s a really fun film and people will love to relive all those early 2000s moments,” the 31-year-old actor concluded.

But was he right?


Many fans of the Mississippi-born singer might beg to differ. Sadly, the initial response to the film has been predominantly negative, with numerous people slamming the project online for the manner in which Spears is portrayed.

Scenes in this unofficial retelling of the pop star’s life refer to her infamous meltdowns, the controversial sex tape scandal and also include a bizarre dance-off with Timberlake.

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Celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicole Polizzi and Tyler Oakley all took to social media to criticize Britney’s portrayal in the new biopic

Not a single Britney Spears song is played during the entire course of the film, with several tracks being only referenced. The singer’s representatives have said that their client does not approve of the project, which currently holds a 2,5/10 rating on the Internet Movie Database. So it’s easy to see why fans aren’t clamoring to give it a thumbs up.


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