Don’t Lose It Just Yet, Sony Music Global Account Hacked, Britney Spears Is Still Alive

Editorial Credit: Kobby Dagan /

On December 26th, 2016, the verified Twitter accounts of Bob Dylan and Sony Music Global sent out tweets claiming that Britney Spears is dead.

Before you lose your mind, keep on reading.

As per expected, this turned out to be a complete hoax. A representative of Spears confirmed to the CNN TV network that she is alive and well.

The first message appeared on the Bob Dylan twitter account. It simply read “Rest in peace @britneyspears” with no context at all.


Two messages were then sent out from the Sony Music Global account.


A few minutes later, hackers sent out another tweet, effectively revealing themselves.

It was confirmed that OurMine was behind the attack, but all tweets relating to this were later removed.


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