Britney Spears Shared Yet Another Series Of Quick Runway Walks

Britney Spears Shares Yet Another Series Of Quick Runway Walks

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On September 18, the 35-year-old famous pop star, Britney Spears, shared a video on her Instagram account @britneyspears, in which she presented us a series of quick runway walks. Showcasing several fabulous outfits in her bountiful home, she captioned the video: “Who says you can’t do fashion week at home!😜 👠👗”

Yet, this is not the first time the Princess of Pop has showed her 17.6 million Instagram followers how astonishing she looks even at 35. Last season, during Paris Fashion Week, Britney turned a foyer in her home into her very own runway.  If you are interested, you can watch the old video here.

Now back to the new one!

The fab mother-of-two is firstly shown ruffling a little red dress before giving her best runway walk through a hallway and on a balcony


Secondly, we see Spears posing in a more casual look

She wears a white crop top and a matching choker, combined with black shorts and boots. She finished off the look with a cowboy hat. Damn, I suddenly got a slight flow of nostalgic feeling, have you? Let’s bring back the 2000s!


Thirdly, we are presented with a white mini-dress and a matching choker necklace combined with pointed-toe heels


And finally, the pop diva closes her runway twirling in a yellow, form-fitting dress with black heels


Do not forget to tell us which outfit was your definite No.1!

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