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Britney Spears Shows Off Her Body and Tattoos On Instagram Post


There is no doubt that Britney Spears knows that if you want a hot body, you better work for it. But, what’s really the point of having a hot body if you can’t show it off – even when you are having a night in at home?

The 35-year-old pop princess shared an Instagram photo of herself dressed in the comfiest clothes ever. A cropped sporty T-shirt and blue sweats which she paired pretty well with red sweatbands and a black choker.

Even though the outfit looked cute, Spears’ killer abs and hip tattoos stole the shot. That’s certainly the result of non-stop gym sessions she has been having lately.

“What’s better than sweats and a T-shirt?” the “ singer asked in the photo’s caption.


Britney has never been shy about showing the results of hard work – often posting sultry shots to Instagram. Just last month, the singer showed her amazing body in an Instagram video of herself laying on a sandy beach.

The most fierce post was when she would go to the catwalk  in which she takes to the hallway of her mansion to model several outfits — asking, “Option 1 or Option 2?”

Let’s not forget that the credits for her body go to her dance skills too.


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