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This is what your brunch order says about you


Every nation has a  specific dish we are proud with. But is it worthed to eat something that is creating the wrong impression about our individual personality?  Is it necessary to order something we are not used to eating? Or just because we like to show off. If you didn’t knew every meal speaks something about the character of the person who eats it. Be careful next time you will like to impress someone.


Eggs benedict

If you had ordered eggs benedict was it only because you saw eggs on the menu or you like to impress someone.  If you have ordered just because you like them, then you are cocktail kind of person





Think about our company when you order granola. If they go for a healthy choice it’s fine. Otherwise, you will make the others feel bad about their bodies. Don’t order it just because you like to show how healthy life you are living.




“Healthy” salad

Don’t fool the others with your choice.  Ordering a healthy salad for means that you are always trying to be in the center of the attention. The avocados in it mean that you are loyal but you don’t have a lot of friends. But the bacon in the salad is just as equal as you had ordered fast-food.


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