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She Was Bullied For Her Thick Eyebrows, Now She’s A Model


All women are beautiful in their own way, especially when you look at their specific charming features.

These specific features can sometimes be hard to accept at a certain time of our lives, and they can also surprise the world with their uniqueness some time later.

Natalia Castellar has gorgeous thick eyebrows and as you will be able to see below, she’s lovely. But her eyebrows were not always a feature she was proud of – she was bullied and thrown into whirlpools of low self-esteem.

One should lean on other people’s approval, but bullying simply won’t let you relax and enjoy yourself when you’re young. You need time to accept that people will always comment about something and that if you find yourself beautiful then nothing anyone says about you matters.

Can you believe that this 17-year old model was bullied for her looks? Look how gorgeous she is.

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Of course, #browgoals

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To think she thought about shaving them!

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Lucky for us and the world of beauty, she changed her mind. Thick eyebrows became a trend, and that’s when she started to feel confident. And even if they do go out of style, she really believes she’ll still love them.

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So that’s where those eyebrows come from.

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Once she fills in her eyebrows, they look so much thicker.

Source: via Instagram / @kactye

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