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The Woman With 32S Breasts Now Wants A Bum To Match


Ex-German air hostess Martina “Big” claims that she has the biggest breasts in Europe at size 32S. She also has asked for help from TV doctors to give her a bum to match too.

The 28-year-old has boosted her breasts to size 32S with the help of special sac-like implants that can be pumped with saline injections. The LA plastic surgeons, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrov were asked to give her a balanced look for her extreme figure.


During reality TV show Botched on E! she said: “I have the biggest boobs in Europe but I need my butt to match my boobs.”


She made headlines after using tanning injections to get darker, she is very proud of her breast which have 3700cc – nearly 7 pints and weighs 9Ibs. Like she hasn’t experimented enough, she stuffed her leggings with water balloons to create her dream silhouette. Martina decided on 1500c – per cheek.


“I need really huge butt implants that I can control my size to grow bigger and bigger,” Martina shocked the doctors by saying.

Her long-term boyfriend Michael was totally okay with that and was the one who encouraged her to start modeling.

“This is a really extreme curvy look. I like it,” Michael said.

But soon, doctors convinced her that the idea was unrealistic as Dr. Dubrov gave her real implants to try out and one immediately started leaking. Then, she decided for something “less” extreme.

The German native said that at the age of only 11, she started thinking about how she wanted to look like a typical Barbie doll.

“I love Barbie because of her long wavy blonde hair, nice curves, full lips, small waist and her long legs – but her boobs are a little bit too boring.”

Martina takes care of her breasts in a bizarre way.

“There is a tube and a water balloon inside and I have pumped up my boobs 18 times with saline, but because I had liposuction to get long legs my butt is a little bit too flat.

“So now I need really huge butt implants that I can control my size to grow bigger and bigger.

“As my name says I’m ‘Big’ – but not big enough.”


The doctors were also shocked when they saw her breasts.

Dr Paul Nassif said:

“Those breasts are ginormous. How could she even walk without toppling over?

With Dr Dubrov adding:

“Tissue expanders are safe in the short term but not in the long term. If you keep using them you expose yourself to the risk of losing both breasts.”


During the consultation they asked her to put implants in her tights at half the size she wanted. After one of them burst it made her think twice about the surgery. She still wanted a bigger butt but not so extreme.


This is Martina before the surgeries.


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