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Desiree Gets Rid Of Her Bump On Her Head After Growing For 20 Years


Sometimes we experience really unexpected misfortunes, and that’s what happened to Desiree.

When she was a teenager, she fell and bumped her head, resulting in a small bump on the back of her head. What she didn’t expect was for her bump to grow bigger and bigger with years going by. And when we say bigger – we mean bigger.

For 18 years the bump became the size of a large marble, and by 2015 it grew to the size of an egg. An egg people. Imagine having that on your head. Desiree tried to hide it all the time, but this time she had enough of it. She wanted the bump all gone.

Doctors determined that the massive lump was a pilar cyst. In fact, pilar cysts are very common. They are filled with keratin, a protein which is found in hair, nails and skin.

Desiree even named her Arthur, in an attempt to throw a little humor on her unfortunate situation, but it was time to say goodbye to her little friend. A team of experts on The Doctors revealed that one of the best ways to get rid of the bump, is to pop it.

Of course things got a little icky, but the operation was successfully done. After only some weeks, Desiree was completely healed. Her bump was all gone leaving only a small scar.

Warning: Some viewers may find brief surgical imagery disturbing.

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