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Some Useful Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bumps After Waxing


Like a lot of women, I’m sure you get bumps and pimples after waxing. Sometimes they are small and painless, but other times they are painfully nasty. But, regardless what kind of pimples or bumps you get saddled with after waxing, if left untreated for a long time, they can cause a lot of trouble.


While in most cases they appear immediately after waxing, in some cases they can appear some time after the waxing. A beauty and lifestyle magazine says that the soreness after waxing is a common sight in the first one or two days, and it will go away naturally in most cases, but if it doesn’t, here’s a simple guide on how to remove them without medical help or that much pain.

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How To Get Rid of Bumps on Face After Waxing?

1. After waxing, wash the skin softly and gently. It”s not reccommended to use a harsh soap or scrub at this point.

2. If you can, cover up the skin with cotton clothes. The dirt and pollution outside is known to affect the skin directly, hence why it’s reccommended to use cotton clothes.

3. Try to remain in a comfortable place after the waxing, if you can, and avoid extreme heat such as the oven.

4. Non-prescription drugs are also a good method for healing the pain. The most popular groups of drugs that are good for this include ibuprofen, acetaminophen as well as naproxen.

5. A liquid bazel solution is an excellent way to cool and soothe the skin. Just rub the solution on the affected area with a cotton ball, and you’re good.

6. It is reccommended you use a high quality moisturizing lotion to hydrate your skin. This will speed up the healing of the swollen skin naturally.

How To Get Rid of Waxing Bumps in the First Place?

If you really don’t want to have to deal with these nasty bumps, the best way to avoid them is to prevent them from coming up in the first place. Once they blow out, you’ll have no other choice left but to cope with them, and I think you’ll agree that’s not a very pleasant experience. It’s much better to avoid the bumps happening in the first place rather than them appearing and then you having to deal with them.

1. Did you know that the skin becomes more sensitive during menstruation?

It’s not that well known, but it’s an interesting reason as to why we become a big target for bumps, so it’s a good idea to avoid those days when your skin is extra sensitive.

2. Some medicinal drugs may interfere with the waxing method.

If you’re following a course of accutane or Retin A, then you should avoid waxing at all costs. The aforementioned drugs increase the chances of lifting off by a long way, and if you’re following the course, you can only go for waxing after six months of finishing it.

3. It is better to avoid waxing the skin on the same day that you do a skin exfoliation.

During this process, the upper layer of the skin exfoliates, upon which it becomes very sensitive to high heat and abnormal chemicals. Therefore, applying the hot wax on exfoliated skin increases the danger doublefold.

4. Stay calm during the waxing.

Studies say that panic contracts the small hair follicles of the skin, meaning they become more susceptible to damage.

5. Sometimes, bleeding may happen due to the pluck of coarse hair directly from the follicles.

Applying ice cubes on the affected area will almost certainly comfort you a lot.

6. Make sure the beauticians apply the after wax lotions that reduce the pain and discomfort of the skin.

Check whether the lotion contains any mineral oil or not. If it does, there is a risk that it can clog the skin pores, so you should avoid it if you want a better result.

Consult a doctor if any of the symptoms continue for too long.

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