Bunny Bags From Japan That Turn Your Household Stuff Into Rabbits


I am sure that all of us have stuff at home that is useful but we won’t use it for several reasons, we might not like the look of them etc etc. But if you’re just about to throw your dresses and other clothes that you haven’t used for ages, give them a second chance as you can create them into cute little rabbits thanks to these funny bunny bags.

These bunnies are designed to add some character to your household shelves and tabletops from the YOU+MORE! brand Felissimo. Doing it it is very simple, you put your stuff into the bunny cloth, tie up the droopy bunny ears and voila, your bathroom products or random desk junk are magically transformed into a cute little rabbit.

These bags are inspired by Furoshiki, Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth used to transport goods like clothes and gifts, and there are four of the critters to collect including a Holland Lop Ear and a Neanderthal Dwarf.
Moreover you can get these available to you on Felissimo website for less then (US$26).




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