Guess How You Can Burn These Thanksgiving Foods?

This Is What You Should Do To Burn These Thanksgiving Foods

This Is What You Should Do To Burn These Thanksgiving Foods

Jennifer Blow, a MyProtein nutritionist reveals how to burn those extra calories you gain after Thanksgiving!

Along with cycling and Crossfit, which would burn off the turkey and potatoes, she recommends having sex and shopping. The latter are recommended because these activities would distract you from snacking.

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving in on its way, and it would only be the start of endless eating and drinking during the following winter months.

So, how long does it take to get rid of the extra pounds we get after eating those popular festive foods?

MyProtein nutritionist Blow offers some tips on how to get back on track after a day of indulgence. She says resting, steamy sex and fine dose of shopping would definitely help.

Keep reading and prepare to test your boundaries.


3 medium roast potatoes (400 calories) = 40 minutes of Crossfit

3 slices of turkey (90 calories) = 20 minutes of casual cycling

3 parsnips (163 calories) = 15 minutes of stair climbing

1 sausage wrapped in bacon (235 calories) = 30 minutes of squats

2 carrots (82 calories) = 6 minutes of burpees

1 portion of candied yams with marshmallows (282 calories) = 30 minutes of ice skating



What you need to do to burn the calories after eating meat are 20 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of squats, according to Jennifer Blow



In order to burn a meal based on veggies, 30-minute run would do the trick


Slice of pecan pie (500 calories) = 90 minutes on Wii Fit

Slice of pumpkin pie (410 calories) = 45-minute HIIT class

2 slices of cheese with 4 crackers (280 calories) = 30 minutes of running


Glass of mulled wine (160 calories) = 30 minutes of hot yoga

Glass of prosecco (69 calories) = 7 minutes of jump rope skipping

Shot of Baileys (109 calories) = 20 minutes of low intensity strength or weight training

Glass of eggnog (220 calories) = 25 minutes of walking lunges



How to burn off alcohol calories? Well, 20 minute weight training and 30 minutes of hot yoga would be enough.



As far as prosecco is concerned, be prepared to skip the rope for about seven minutes. And eggnog, the top of festive drinks, would make you do 25 minutes of walking lunges.

Wondering how to get back on track the day after? Follow these tips:

1. Practice sex if you want to burn calories

So, according to a sex calculator, a 30-minute sex equals 15 minutes of jogging.

2. Sleep

Make sure you get enough rest. Studies have shown that sleep can affect your health.

For example, a recent study conducted by King’s College London showed that sleeping less than seven hours a night is negative. It causes people to eat an extra 285 calories a day, believe it or not.

Blow also recommends going to bed early in order to avoid late night snacking, which, we already know, has happened to have bad consequences on our waistline.

3. Be careful how much calories you take in.

Although we know that Thanksgiving is the day of eating, some people tend to cook more than enough. So, be careful with leftovers.

Blow advises using side plates instead of main, which would help you limit the amount of food you are consuming.

4. Supplements

Although sometimes not necessary, carb blockers supplements would prevent the gut absorbing carbs.

5. Drink a LOT of water

Make sure you always carry a bottle of water, and tend to drink two liters a day.

6. Evening and morning fast

Blow recommends fasting between pm and 9am the night after Thanksgiving. This would get your metabolism back in shape.

7. Shop till you drop- ok, not literally!

Believe it or not, shopping can burn up to 400 calories! How cool is that?

Source: dailymail

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