Buttercream Coffee Cake For Dad's Day With Yolanda Gampp

Buttercream Coffee Cake For Dad’s Day With Yolanda Gampp

Buttercream Coffee Cake

Canadian Yolanda Gampp is a pastry chef and cake designer. Last June, just in time for Father’s Day, Yolanda uploaded a how-to ‘Coffee Cake for Father’s Day’ tutorial. Half a year later, the video has 2,356,000 views.

What I find to be special about this particular video is how it is an allegory or a tribute to Yolanda’s life story and how it connects to her father.

Her about me section on her Facebook page states that she was inspired to become a cake designer at an early age, since her father was a baker! To share a passion for something with someone is truly a special thing. To share a passion for something with your father, now that’s a fantastic thing!

So when I stumbled upon this video on YouTube, I decided that this year I’m gonna make my father the same cake. He will not know the reason why I decided to go with this particular video, but I will!

Furthermore, my dad loves coffee!

I find the design to be absolutely elegant and absolutely realistic! The finished product looks like a giant cup of latte freddo!

Let me break it down for you!


  • Previously baked, 10’’ chocolate and vanilla cakes
  • Three different flavors of buttercream: vanilla, chocolate and coffee!
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • ½ dozen of doughnuts
  • 3 Coffee Crisp bars
  • ½ cup dark chocolate covered espresso beans
  • Instant coffee (for the buttercream)
  • 40oz semi-sweet chocolate
  • Cocoa shavings

The How-To:

Remove the chocolate cake and vanilla cake from their pans. Use a ruler and serrated knife to even out the bottom and upper part of the cakes. In addition, cut a thin layer off the bottom in order to remove the brown edge.

Buttercream Coffee Cake 1

Next, cut the cakes in half, using the ruler to find the right measurement. Both parts should be equal.

Buttercream Coffee Cake 2


Third, we will proceed using a pre-made Italian meringue buttercream for which Yolanda has the recipe below the video on her YouTube channel. Flavor the buttercream with the concentrated coffee. Use a whisk to gently work the coffee in. The cake is later filled with three different flavors of buttercream referenced in the ingredients list.

Take the doughnuts and cut them in half. Cut the coffee crisps as well. Finally, cut the chocolate covered espresso beans in half. They are quiet potent so do not overdo it with the coffee beans.

‘Shower’ the chocolate and vanilla half with simple syrup. That is, equal part water and an equal part sugar boiled.

Start with chocolate buttercream.  Fill in three piping bags of the same size with the buttercream flavors.  Cover the cake with circles of chocolate buttercream. Place the chocolate chip cookies on top of the layer of chocolate buttercream. See that the cookies are not too close to the edge since we will later ice the cake on the outside.

Buttercream Coffee Cake 3

Stick the vanilla cake on top of that layer. Use the same piping technique to pipe the coffee buttercream this time around. Put the halves of the doughnuts on this layer.

Buttercream Coffee Cake 4

Time to add the third layer. This is now a chocolate one. We are trying to use the two flavors of cakes interchangeably. Pipe that with vanilla buttercream. Cover that with the coffee crisp bars and the espresso beans. Cover it with the last , vanilla layer cake.

Buttercream Coffee Cake 5

Seal in the buttercream and every nook there is in between the layers with the remaining buttercream.

Put the cake in the fridge to chill!

Once chilled, remove the cake and place it on your cake stand. Protect the cake stand from smudging with parchment paper. Start icing. The design will follow the way coffee would look like if placed in a transparent mug. Start by icing the sides with two layers of chocolate buttercream on the bottom. Proceed with the coffee buttercream towards the top. The top layer is white with the vanilla buttercream.

Buttercream Coffee Cake 6

Take your palette knife and run it around the cake. The colors are going to blend together.

Buttercream Coffee Cake 7

Top off the cake with the 7-minute frosting, bringing the frosting right to the edge of the cake. Find the link on how to make the frosting in the section below the video. Make it look like the foam on a latte!

Buttercream Coffee Cake 8

Dust it with cocoa!

Source:How To Cake It

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