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What The Shape Of Your Buttocks Says About Your Health And Fitness


Researchers at the University of Florida have discovered a link between the size of a ring finger and the risk of autism; their colleagues from Edmonton University in Alberta, Canada found that finger length and depression, with men with a more feminine finger ratio scoring higher on a test for depression, while a study at Groningen University, The Netherlands, found that a masculine ratio was associated with low verbal intelligence, high numerical intelligence, and low agreeableness – all considered to be typical male traits.

Researchers at Cambridge University, on the other hand, found that the earnings of men with relatively long ring finger were up to six times higher than those of their colleagues when they looked at a group of male traders from the City of London.

Looking at the possible connections between shapes and sizes of bodily parts has long been a topic of research at many universities around the world, but folklore has also long been interested in the topic. The myth that the size of a man’s foot is indicative of his penis size has long persisted, but what about the human backside?

Some people believe that the shape of one’s buttocks can reveal a lot about the person’s overall health. One theory says that those with bigger buttocks have a lower cholesterol level and higher intelligence than others because they require more Omega-3 fats – which contribute to brain development. Although no connection has been discovered, read up on the possible ways in which the shape of your backside might define your fitness.

Square shaped

A square-shaped butt can mean several things: it may indicate that the individual does exercise, but their gluteal muscles are still weak. The distribution of fat may also give the impression that the buttocks extend into love handles and waist, meaning a little bit of extra fat around the tummy.


Source:David Wolfe

Nothing to worry about: continue to exercise or even ramp up your program to remove the unwanted fat from the area.



Circle Shaped

A circle-shaped backside is believed to be an indication of good health.


Source:David Wolfe

The shape also indicates that there is a small storage of fat in the upper part of the buttocks. But in reality, there is nothing to worry about as this is the easiest type of fat to get rid of from the buttocks.


Source:Life Hack

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