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Cake Artist Creates A Wedding Dress Artistic Cake That Is Giant And Flawless

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Getting the right wedding dress is far from easy and brides get frustrated over the big decision. Future spouses have a hard task of choosing the right cake, too. It has to be both delicious but also looking impeccable and crafty. This amazing cake artist has confused people from all around the world with her creation. Emma Jayne Morris designs cakes for a living, but her newest creation was a masterpiece. She designed a cake that is the shape of an actual bridal gown! And the size is the same. Try not thinking about eating it when you see what this artistic cake looks like.


Morris got her inspiration for the cake dress from Filipino fashion designer Mak Tumang’s ‘Angela’ gown. “We were asked to choose a wedding dress designer and make a cake based on one of the wedding dresses,” Morris wrote to ABC News. “I was asked to make the only life-size wedding dress and chose Mak Tumang as his designs stopped me in my tracks. They are simply incredible.”

The “gown” cake took only 10 days to complete the ornate gown for the Cake International show at Alexandra Palace in London. She “built” it inside her home. A total of seven people were required to transfer the cake to the show. And it looks absolutely flawless, especially to those with a sweet tooth and a sense of fashion.

Sadly, you can’t actually wear the dress because it is much heavier than it looks. First of all, the dress is 6 feet in length. Morris used 132 pounds of fondant to create the dress as well as 110 pounds of modeling paste to add the flowers.



“The most difficult part was the bustle that went around the hips,” she explained for the media. “This took two days to get right.”



The London’s Cake International show is a trade show that recognizes the most talented bakers and gives them a chance to showcase some of their sugary art. Surprisingly for Emma, designer Mak Tumang made a special appearance at the show. He even posed for a photo with Morris and her beautiful gown, a doppelganger of his dress.



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