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20 Cake Decorators Great At Following Instructions. Literally.


Imagine organizing a birthday party. Place the decorations, get the food, invite the guests, hire the entertainment, and… there’s something I’m forgetting… birthdays, birthdays… Oh that’s right! The cake! No birthday party could ever be complete without a cake! And I know exactly what mine should look like!

Now then, it’s complicated communicating your ideas to other people, especially describing what you want something to look like. It’s possible, and even likely, that there would be slight misunderstandings. However, there are misunderstandings, and then there are epic fails.

Here’s a list, made by Bored Panda, of cakes whose decorators followed instructions to the letter, resulting in hilarity. If you like this, you may also want to check out these birthday “cakes”.

 1. I’ll just crack a joke while ordering the cake. No-one will know. Ha ha ha, I’m sooo funny. Oh, crap…

Just Following Instructions

Source: darkplane13

2. What is the wondrous object? A yoo-es-bee? It’s glorious. No wonder you want it on a cake.

A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use

Source: just_leave_it

3. What do you want me to write? “Nothing?” You got yourself a deal, lady!

I Was Asked What I Want Written On My Cake. I Said "Nothing"

Source: GeorgeDuranEats

4. A: You’ll never guess what they wanted me to draw on the girls head! B: What? A: A cat! People are weird… B: You sure they didn’t mean a cap? A: Oh, damn!

My Mom Ordered A Graduation Cake With A Cap Drawn On. I Guess They Misheard

Source: bluesberry

5. Well, at least it’s not a tPhone or an lPhone…

My Friend In China Ordered A Cake For His Son. He Texted The Bakery The Message To Appear On The Cake - "Happy 9th Birthday." This Is What He Received

Source: bluemavis

6. Not sure if trolling, or just stupid.

You Had One Job, Baker

7. That’s what she said.

I Think They Took It Too Literally

Source: psychobillydude

8. Okay, so the first one should say, “Happy birthday on both.” What about the other one?

 Instruction Unclear, Followed Them Anyway

Source: OliverClothesoff70

9. Now you’re overthinking it…

Just Write Happy Birthday

10. Or underthinking it? Is there even such a word?

 Happy Birthday In Spanish

Source: Daniel S.

11. Sorry, we’re fresh out of sprinkles. You’ll just have to make do.

I Want Sprinkles

Source: imgur.com

12. Ew, Coach Tom! Some things are better kept to yourself…

Coach Tom´s Big Purple Balls!

Source: Megan J.

13. I’m pretty sure that’s an alien and not a goblin…

Halloween Cake

14. Congratulations! But just small ones. I mean, I’m pleased for you, but only a little.

Congratulations As Small As Possible

15. Where should I write down that they’ll pick up the cake at eleven? I have no paper… Oh, wait!

To Be Picked Up At Eleven

16. I did exactly what they asked! Hmph, there’s just no pleasing some people…

Nancy In Caps. I Mean In Caps

Source: Emily S.

17. Well, not everyone is computer savvy…

Here's The Image For The Cake

18. Or common sense savvy…

And If You Think E-Mailing A Picture To The Bakery Helps... Think Again

Source: Jessica C.

19. Happy birthday. I wanted to tell you that I… I just think you… oh nevermind… Just happy birthday.

A: What Would You Like The Cake To Say? B: "Happy Birthday". A: Anything Else? B: Just "Happy Birthday"

Source: Jenny C.

20. Susan’s really too thin… That’s why I got her this cake!

Make Susan Bigger

Source: boredpanda

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