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These Wedding Cake Toppers Are So Creative


This is dedicated to all the brides and grooms to be. If you are willing to take the next step in your life and have a beautiful wedding, when you start getting ready you will have a lot of choices to make. But when it comes to cakes, it is that one place where you can have fun and show your personality as a couple to your wedding guests. You can be funny, sophisticated, or traditional with your selection.

The wedding cake toppers you’ll see below say a lot about marriage and, who knows, maybe one of them is the exact one that will make your guests say, “Oh, this is so them!

1. Victory

Could this be an insight to your future marriage, or are your guests going to say, “Yeah. That sums it up.”


2. Ball and Chain

What’s better than having a boss lady?


3. Sports fan

Aren’t you lucky if you already have a sports girl?


4. Hooked one

You’re stuck with me.


5. Yuppies

New wife, who this?


6. Hand up

I’ll be here for you.


7. Caught you!

She got your back.


8. Game Over

Time for a new one.


9. Chaotic

Spells out “life with you will sure be an adventure”.


10. We found each other

This is just simple romantic.


So, which one will it be? Or do you have a more special one expressing exactly how you both are?


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