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Cake Video That Will Make You Wanna Bake Its Whole Content


We have another one of those crazy cake videos for you where viewer discretion is advised. Why, you might ask? Is there something offensive in the video? No. Is there nudity or violence? No. Will it put you in danger of piling on some weight? Positive.

cake 1

In the comments’ section on any Awesome Life cake video, numerous comments about this issue can be found: people complaining about not being able to decide which cake they would like to bake and that they actually wanna eat all of them. And we are not talking about compilations with five or six cakes, either. We are talking about tens of recipes, changing in quick succession within fifteen minutes. So can one get all Pavlov’s Dog on all of them? Yes, they can.

cake 4

So, this video can serve two purposes: first, you can either use it to get someone who is not into the sweet stuff – yes, believe it or not, they do exist; second, you can work on strengthening your willpower. For example, baking just 12 out of the 20 cakes presented.

cake 3

Watch the video here but remember you have been warned:

Source:Awesome Life

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