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She Called Moms Who Don’t Have Rock Solid Abs Lazy


It’s so normal. Having a baby will make us gain some serious weight. After giving birth many moms struggle to lose the extra pounds.

One of these moms is Maria Kang. She worked really hard to get herself back in shape after she had her third son. She was on a healthy diet and was working out.

Maria even took a photo of herself and the boys in her workout gear to motivate other moms. She was feeling that much more confident and she made the headlines with a controversial question “What’s your excuse?” She wrote the ages of the boys on the picture, the youngest was eighteen months old.

That time Maria wasn’t thinking she was doing anything wrong. After all, she was trying to help new moms to get fit and active after having a baby. But what she didn’t understand was that working mothers aren’t able to spend a lot of time to workout and have rock solid abs .

Most of the mothers are spending the time with their kids. Very rare they have a chance to put themselves first if they don’t have a nanny. It’s almost unimaginable for them to spend two hours in the gym and look like Maria. Even if they try having that kind of sculpted body it’s not possible always because we all have different body types.

With the question “What’s your excuse?” Maria shocked and made many mothers angry. She hurt their feelings and they felt the photo suggested that if they didn’t look like her, they were lazy.

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