Camo Caouple Goes Through A Radical Change Of Lifestyle

Camo Couple Goes Through A Radical Change Of Lifestyle


Brandon and Stacy asked Rachel Ray to help them when they got stuck in a little, lifestyle rut.

This North Caroline couple leads quite a high-adrenaline lifestyle. In the Rachel Ray segment, they were pictured on a massive mountain range jeep. They are people who enjoy mostly outdoors activities, related to a lot of hiking, mount climbing and all that jazz. They say that they always want to feel comfortable in their skin, so they opt for more of a ‘lumber-jack’ fashion style.

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Stacy says that that used to be fun and it used to be something that they wanted, but she feels like change in pace is much needed at the moment.

“I don’t feel like I look bad, I just feel like I look kinda ‘blah.’”

She wears jeans and a hoodie, whereas her boyfriend sports a camo-blouse with baggy pants.

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They are planning to get married, so they wanna ditch their past style and move to something refreshing and new.

Rachel was joined by stylist Kyan Douglas who said that this has to be one of his most cherished makeovers ever, since he had quite the challenge on his hands.

He was working separately with each of them. They haven’t seen each other after their makeovers.

They are at Rachel’s studio, hiding behind the sliding doors adjacent to it.

“Let’s open the doors so they can see each other for the first time”, says Rachel. The doors open at her mark.

Now let me tell you, I was not expecting that!

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They seem bewildered! And I kinda think they like their new looks!

Rachel is short of words.

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“We have done these for a long time… your bride is stunning!” said Rachel. “Oh my God they are so beautiful!!!”

The couple seems dumbfounded. They are just standing there with big grins on their faces, looking happy to walk into a whole new chapter of their lives. Figuratively and literally!

Check them out before and after!


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