Can You Imagine What Will Happen If You Put A Tape At The Corner Of Your Eye



If you are not a professional makeup artist , hairdresser or manicure expert you will sometimes have hard time to achieve perfect look . Therefore we have ten beauty hasks to help you. It’s not even expensive because you already have all you need at home.

1.Use tape.


Apply tape on on your eyelids to make perfect winged eyeliner look.

2. Why you need a rubber band?


Stretch a rubber band on your finger nails  and you will always be able to get perfect french manicure .

3.What to do with  Elmer’s glue?


To easily remove glitter nail polish paint a thin layer of Elmer’s glue on your nails.   when you want to add glitter polish. You can peel it of easy.

4.Use spray starch.


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