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A Baker Who Battled Cancer Was In For A Wonderful Tear-Jerking Surprise At Work

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Mary Pat Seiss, 28-year old, baker from Pennsylvania. In the spring of 2016, while she was working in Oakmont Bakery, she received a cake order from a new client. A girl, Kelly was turning 6 at the time, and Mary Pat got an order to make a cake for her. What made this so meaningful was that Kelly was diagnosed with cancer and this was something Mary Pat was quite familiar with.

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Mary Pat had leukemia at age 6. After 2 years, she went into remission, but she relapsed when she was 9.

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She had treatment for two more years, and was cancer-free until Christmas of 2009 when she was in college.

“Mary Pat graduated college and has been battling her illness straight for the last six years. It’s very difficult for her. Her brothers are not around and they are a welcome distraction when they are,” said a woman in the video, who could be her mother.

It’s been hard for Mary Pat, because her two brothers left to start their own families. She felt like she had to battle the illness all by herself.

Her brother Robert was serving for the army in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, ready for his deployment in Iraq. Or so Mary Pat thought while she was preparing the cake.

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Little did she know that the person who would come to pick it up was none other than her brother Robert! In a tear-jerking surprise, organized by the amazing people at Jamie’s Dream Team, he showed up, bringing Mary Pat and everyone present to tears.

‘When they called me and told me that she got diagnosed again, it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever heard,’ Robert said. ‘We played sports together when we were younger, grew up together our whole lives. She’s my best friend.’ Robert said.

Mary Pat was amazed.

‘I thought I was baking a cake for a little girl with cancer,” she said in the video. “I want to help others who have cancer. I know what it feels like to go through that, and I was more than happy to come bake a cake for a little girl. This is more than I expected. A lot more!”

You should have a tissue box ready, by the way.

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