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Four Stage Cancer Patient Uses A Special Oil To Recover And The Doctors Are Shocked


Patients with incurable diseases often lose the hope to even fight and spend their last days with the family. Cancer is one of those diseases that can come all out of sudden, but you can also have it and not being aware of it. The signs of early stage cancer can be so subtle, like this woman who had a black line on her nail. This was the warning that a nail artist gave her client after she went to get her nails done. Lynn Cameron, 48, from Blantyre thought she had only 18 months to live, but decided to try cannabis oil to treat her massive brain tumor. Want to hear the rest of her story?


Lynn spoke to The Daily Record about her diagnosis. She was diagnosed in December 2013, but all of her chemotherapy sessions didn’t give her any results.

“I took a seizure on November 30, 2013, prior to which I had been quite well”, she claims.

After her scan on December 10 at Hairmyres Hospital, she was taken straight into Southern General and it showed a massive tumor. After the operation on December 16, the doctors waited to tell her on December 27 that she had stage four brain cancer.

When everything seemed so desperate, she opted for cannabis oil.


Speaking to the media, she explained why she tried it:

“A good friend suggested cannabis, but I was too scared because it’s illegal. I also found it hard to believe that it would cure brain cancer so advanced. But as the scans were showing there was no change to the mass, I eventually thought, ‘I’m going to break the mould here and try that’. I started taking cannabis oil under my tongue, as it gets straight into the blood stream that way.”


After taking cannabis oil on a regular basis, each of her scans was showing improvement. By Lynn’s sixth MRI scan, the cancer had gone!

Meanwhile, here is another interesting case of a boy who cured himself with cannabis oil:

After this, Lynn revealed to her doctors that she had been using cannabis oil and they immediately dismissed it.

Lynn said:

“They told me, ‘eat whatever you like, take all the vitamins you want, it won’t work’. But these were the people who told me my cancer was incurable, and it was gone.”

Four years later, she is clear of any cancer and is now pushing ‘for the reform of the current prohibitive laws around the use of cannabis for medication’.

The British Medical Journal hasn’t properly investigated cannabis. Lynn is a part of a campaign group called Medical Cannabis Reform Scotland which is pushing for a change in the law.


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