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15 Amazing Candidates For The ‘Best Dad’ Award


Most dads are like kids in grown men bodies. Having children is sometimes an excuse to play with toys without being judged by society, and at times it’s impossible to guess who is having more fun: the father or the child.

Another thing dads enjoy are the dad jokes. Yeah, those can be embarrassing. But it’s not too difficult to endure a little bit of embarrassment in exchange for all the love and protection dads give us.

To raise a child is not an easy feat, but these dads inject a lot of humor into the experience, which is why they deserve the Best Dad in the World award. Take a look at this list, courtesy of Providr, of the most amazing dads.

1. Come to the pink side

What would you do if your little princess wanted to be a pink Darth Vader? Make it happen, of course!


Source: www.reddit.com

2. A True Underdog Story

Playing trampoline dodgeball has never been more fun than when you have your child right beside you.


Source: www.reddit.com

3. Not sure if…

…that child was put in a time out, or if it’s to keep him from wandering around while the father does the shopping…


Source: www.reddit.com

4. Yay, dad jokes…

The best kind are the literal ones… Just look at his smug little face.


Source: www.reddit.com

5. So cool

This dad knows how to relax. A nice glass of wine, nature, matching outfit with the dog. Perfect.


Source: www.reddit.com

6. BBQ day

They should rename the bake sales to BBQ sales. Dads will excel at those. Which is not to say that this dad hasn’t done a damn good job grilling those chocolate chip cookies.


Source: www.reddit.com

7. Better safe than sorry

How is your dad supposed to know which one is the hair straightener?


Source: www.reddit.com

8. Close enough

It’s too much work decorating a Christmas tree, and then taking it down a few weeks later. Much simpler to use a blow up version.


Source: www.reddit.com

9. Something’s brewing

No, the bath bomb is not used to clean the toilet… It looks like dad was trying to make a magic potion or something…


Source: www.reddit.com

10. Down with the kids

#twitter #cooldad #ItotallyknowwhatImdoing


Source: www.reddit.com

11. Wrong number

Awkward… But still adorable the way he cares so much.


Source: www.reddit.com

12. Troll Dad

Yeah, thanks for the lunch Dad.


Source: www.reddit.com

13. Nice costume

There’s been a slight misunderstanding…


Source: Twitter/ sammiemccomb

14. It’s hard to technology

Ah, these kids today, with their Facebooks and Tumblers. Who can understand them?


Source: Instagram/ pyitzah

15. Diet water? I prefer mine gluten-free.

Look how happy he is! All because of a bottle of water!


Source: www.reddit.com

16. Like daughter like father

There’s nothing a dad wouldn’t do for his child. He would even wear a skirt to make sure she doesn’t feel out of place.


Source: creantsomriures.blogspot.ca
From: providr

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