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My Little Cakes’ Awesome Captain America Shield Cookie

Captain America Shield Giant Cookie

There’s one thing that we all love, regardless of age or gender, and that’s superheroes. Something about watching a dude or a girl with some kind of insane power doing some messed up things. Superhero movies are always a treat to watch, no matter what stage of our lives we’re in.

And of course, one company that knows a thing or two about superheroes is Marvel Comics. The number of superheroes they have crafted over the past few decades is absolutely vast. Some of them were minor, but others were major, and appear in masterpiece movies to this day.

For me, one of the stand out Marvel heroes is Captain America, and if your kids share the same opinion as me, here’s something you can prepare for them. A Captain America shield cookie!

Captain America Shield Cookie 1

If you know Captain America, you’ll know that technically, his shield is his power. Now, you can make your friends who love the Captain or yourself who loves the Captain feel like you’re in possession of the thing he’s famous for. Except, you won’t use it to deflect bullets (not recommended), you’ll take a bite out of it, because, this is a cookie!

These are the ingredients you’ll need for the cookie:

Captain America Shield Cookie ingredients

Combine all of the ingredients above, and then take three pieces of dough, that amount to one cup each, and add red, blue and white food coloring to each one respectively.

Then, it’s just a case of flattening each piece of dough and cutting it up in certain ways so that it resembles the Captain America shield.

Captain America Shield Cookie 2

Then just bake this wonderful creation on a preheated oven (356F, 180C), for 30-35 minutes.

You’ll end up with a delicious looking Captain America shield that, unlike the real thing, won’t break your teeth if you bite into it.

If you or someone you know has a soft spot for superheroes, and especially Captain America, definitely check out this video to see how it’s done.

Source:My Little Cakes

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