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This Crane Driver Lifts Up An Illegally Parked Car And Then Dumps It On A Building


A lot of people complain  when they return to their car with a “surprise” on the windscreen, even if it’s parked illegally. They also make excuses like:”I was only gone for a few minutes” or “I didn’t have any change”, but no matter the excuse, it’s against the rules.

One group in Benxi Liaoning province in China got very creative with their penalty.

Check it out here:

Source: Jared Eby

The driver tucked into a no-parking space, then parked directly in front of a security building. The driver had been parked in that spot for a total of 38 hours and then refused to pay the fine.

They took matters into their own hands by decidinging to rent a crane. They hoisted the Mazda vehicle into the air and placed it on the security guard building. Then the driver of the vehicle grabbed a representative of the building complex and got the matter resolved at a local police station. She managed to get security guards to order the person operating the crane to bring the car down safely.

While it’s unclear whether she still had to pay the fine, it should teach her, and anyone else flouting the parking laws, not to mess with security guards.

In the UK, Deborah Adwent parked her Ford at Dorking train in Surrey and was whacked with a fine after failing to straighten her front tyre.


She said: “I was absolutely livid, it took me three days to calm down to write the appeal, I was so angry. I see people park on the white lines without receiving notices all the time.”

It’s time to be serious folks.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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