Car Tires Scam Is Spreading All Over And It Could Cost You Your Life. What You Need To Know


Recycling to save some money is great. Some people are even making a good business from it. But when it comes to recycling tires it can cost you your life. Therefore check this out. The tires are black and round and we all need them for our vehicles. But tires are expensive, and new tires cost anything from two hundred dollars and up. No wonder some people are coming up with dirty tricks to get your money and sell you old tires. Having these tires on your car is very dangerous.

Watch this YouTube video and see how easy it is for scammers to create “new” looking tires from worn out rubbish. Jus try to picture the consequences in your head. It’s frightening. it is even worse at highway speeds or in adverse weather conditions.

Many netizens expressed their personal opinions about these creeps and what they do in the video. Here are some of the comments.

“Been a few garages in the UK which have been shut down, some of these *****’s even have put in pre-cut rubber depth inserts and neatly glue them in the rain channels with super glue! To make the tire look an overall black finish they are spun and the thread is lightly sprayed matt black. Snaky or what ?”- Ian8354

“Wear indicators are missing, that should be a huge red flag.”- Qbert2

“Thats wrong doing that, that weakens the inner wall of the tyre.”- Birdman351

“Now bring it up to pressure, put the weight of your car on it and go drive on a motorway.”- Burnzy3210

“First bump you hit bye bye tire hahaha, oh and don’t brake too hard rofl!!! Sure hope those started out 10 ply.”-amarshall9

“Irresponsible people playing with the lives of all.”- Mario Trejos

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