Carla Bruni Reveals Her Secret To Staying Youthful

Former first lady of France, Carla Bruni, makes sure to be careful when it comes to keeping a good appearance. The 50-year-old admits that she doesn’t wear much makeup and avoids peach tones and her ”getting ready” routine takes only 30 minutes.

In addition to her songs, the singer-songwriter and model has made a name for herself with her stunning good looks as well, so it might be worth listening when she shares her tips for a youthful glow. Carla, who released her sixth album named French Touch in October last year, spoke to Into the Gloss about her skin care secrets.

“I’ll do a little detox mask, and after will follow it with a clay one. Maybe a little steam bath,” she said.

“I have sensitive skin, so what I like is facial massage. It gives you a real glow, gets rid of puffiness, dryness, and it brings oxygen to your skin. My personal massage therapist lives in Paris.”


Carla Bruni, pictured in July last year


You can see how young she appears simply by wearing less makeup


Bruni who was born in Turin, Italy and moved to France when she was seven married former French president Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 and they have a six-year-old daughter. After a decade since her husband’s election, Carla looks as if she hasn’t aged a day.

Carla’s skin care

  • Regular facial massages and steam baths
  • Detox face masks
  • Hydrating moisturizer
  • Use less make-up and avoid peach tones on the skin

To avoid a shiny T-zone, the musician, who also has a son named Aurelien from a previous relationship, applies blotting powder or a very good moisturizer.

Before performing, Bruni doesn’t even bother with a glam squad, making sure to prep herself on her own.

The glam process, which includes styling her hair by smoothing the ends with a straightening iron takes 30 minutes. Bruni’s perfect way to end the evening is a hot bath and a beer. To relax she uses essential oils like lavender and arnica.


Cara pictured last summer looking absolutely gorgeous

Source: dailymail