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Read Up On The Fascinating Life Of Carrie Fisher, The Woman Who Will Always Be Princess Leia


The word legend is perhaps used a bit too often these days, but there is no doubt that’s the category where Carrie Fisher firmly belongs. The actress passed away aged 60 on the 27th of December 2016, just one day before her mother, Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds left this mortal coil as well. A turn of events paradigmatic of two lives that were extremely eventful, if not very turbulent. But despite all the personal hardships, the woman that will forever embody the iconic Princess Leia managed to overcome the odds and find redemption – and that is the sign of true greatness.

1. Carrie’s parents were 1950s pop singing sensation Eddie Fisher, and Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds


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2. Her father left her mother for Elizabeth Taylor

Carrie’s parents divorced when she was just two, and her father pursued a relationship with his ex-wife’s best friend.


Source: Daily Mail

3. She left school to join her mother on the road

The two actresses appeared together on Broadway in 1973. Their complicated relationship was portrayed in the 1990 movie Postcards From the Edge starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, which was based on Carrie’s 1987 autobiographical novel of the same title.


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4. Carrie landed her first film role in 1975’s Shampoo

She starred alongside the likes of Goldie Hawn and Warren Beatty.


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5. She loved the Star Wars script but didn’t think it would be very successful

She wasn’t the only one who shared such sentiments, as no one was expecting much of the film that would turn into one of the most famous franchises of all time.



6. She dated musician Paul Simon

The two dated for several years before finally getting married in 1983. However, they divorced just after a year of marriage and despite reportedly dating again after the divorce, they never remarried.


Source: Daily Mail

7. She was once engaged to Dan Aykroyd

They were introduced by Aykroyd’s Blues Brother John Belushi while the iconic musical they all played a part in was being filmed in Belushi’s hometown of Chicago. Aykroyd proposed to her soon after, but it wasn’t meant to be and Fisher rekindled her relationship with Paul Simon shortly after.


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8. She was the voice of Angela on Family Guy

If the voice of Peter’s ball-busting boss from the Pawtucket Brewery sounded strangely familiar, you were right.


Source: Heroes Wiki

9. She had a very close relationship with singer James Blunt

The actress would often let him stay at her house, and she introduced him to therapy.


Source: Express

10. She has struggled with drugs in the past

During the filming of The Empire Strikes Back, she admitted she was heavily involved with cocaine and actually suffered an overdose during a talk show. She also struggled with bipolar disorder.


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11. Fisher and Harrison Ford had an affair while filming Star Wars

Carrie revealed this in her 2016 autobiography, The Princess Diarist.


Source: E Online

12. In 2016, Harvard University honored her with an Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism

The renowned university underlined Carrie’s activism and outspokenness about addiction, mental illness, and agnosticism deserved to be acknowledged.


Source: Harvard Gazette

13. She has written five novels

In addition, she has authored three non-fiction books as well as creating several screenplays over the years.



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