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You’re A Young Mom? You’ll Relate To This


Illustrator Ingebritt ter Veld and Corinne de Vries both had babies in a short perod of time. What inspired these cartoons that you’ll see below, are the first months of the moms after their pregnancy.

“I wanted to show in a funny way what happens to you when you become a mother,” explained de Vries, whose son Jaron will celebrate his first birthday in a few weeks.

To capture this major life-changing experience, mom teamed up with fellow artist Ingebritt ter Veld. When they met each, ter Veld was pregnant with her daughter and both stayed in touch while discussing “all the weird things they experienced.” Ingeritt then decided to turn these situations into funny cartoons.

“For us, talking to each other, it was really comforting to know that the things we’ve experienced aren’t weird, but that every mother has had those experiences,” said the blogger. “We hope other parents will recognize the situations and that they’ll know we all have the same struggles. It’s good to know you’re not the only one dealing with things like sleep deprivation, hair loss or leaking breasts.”

With the series “#thingsonlymomsknow” Ingebritt and Corinne wanted to show the reality of motherhood with the painful, loving and funny moments.

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