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The “Cash Me Ousside” Girl Launched Her First Music Video On YouTube


If the name Danielle Bregoli is not familiar to you, then you probably know her better to what she is referred to: the “cash me ousside” girl. She was only 13 when she appeared on an episode of Dr.Phill in September 2016. It was an episode that dealt with parents and their ill-behaved teens.


Her mum admitted that she had a hard time with her, where she was pulling her hair out over her child, steal her credit cards, run away from home etc. But when Danielle started to become frustrated at the audience members that were laughing at her, she started calling them “whores” and asked them to “Catch me outside, how about that?”

Because of her accent, the meme “Cash me ousside, how bod dah?” was born and shared all over the internet.


But still, her viral fame didn’t end there. When she was asked about the catchphrase by TMZ, she said: “It’s just something that happened! I can’t control what y’all people decide to do with me”.

While her fame has only grown she was reportedly charging £32,000 ($41444) for a public appearance at Rolling Loud Music Festival in May.

Now, she’s 14 and is doing product placements on Instagram to her 11 million followers for Fit Tea and Postmates. Even though these could be $40,000 per post, the teenager is aiming higher wanting to launch a career in music.


She dropped her first track, a song called “These Heaux,” last week followed by a music video. She used the three-minute song to hit back on the haters that she got since her appearance on the Dr.Phil Show.

She posted the video along with the comment: “STREAM THIS SHIT NOW & BLAST IT OUT UR CAR 🖤🖤🖤🖤 u bhad bitches!!!! u ready for some more music????”

Source:Danielle Bregoli

The video has now five million views after only a few days being on YouTube.

One commenter said: “If y’all go on TV one day just say 6 stupid words so you can be famous cuz that’s how she basically got famous”, while another said: “I low-key love this and would blast it in my car”. Far more harshly, one person commented: “Does anyone know when the English version is coming out?”. Ouch.

Even if this song is amazing or terrible, it’s weird to think that this teenager in the process of turning 14, manages to go from Dr.Phil to a YouTube sensation…


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