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Here Is The Cast Of Buffy, 20 Years After The First Episode


If you were a real Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan, you watched all of the seven seasons and your heart probably broke when the show ended. The 1990s generation saw what it’s like to have girls who are not always the hunted, but are hunters themselves. The Amercian television series created by Joss Whedon, first aired on March 10, 1997, on the WB, and ended on May 20, 2003. Buffy Summers, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar played the “Vampire Slayer”, chosen to battle against vampires and demons. And while you were struggling with Buffy to have a normal life, the rest of the population was probably obsessed with some other members of the cast. But what are they up to now, 20 years after the release of the first episode?

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Many people’s favorite character remained in the spotlight. Sarah, who is married to Freddie Prinze Jr., went on to star in several movies including The Grudge and Scooby-Doo. She also co-founded Foodstirs, a food crafting brand and released a cookbook titled Stirring Up Fun With Food.


2. Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

Alyson had great TV and movie success with the American Pie films and How I Met Your Mother. At the moment you’ll find her working on CBS’ comedy pilot More Time With Family.


3. Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris

Sadly Nicholas Brendon didn’t become a great celebrity like his co-stars after Buffy. As a matter of fact, between 2014 and 2015 he was arrested multiple times and ended up going to rehab for alcohol addiction. However, he got back to work with two movies, the sci-fi film The Nanny and the horror movie Redwood.


4. Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers

Remember Georgina from Gossip Girl? Not to mention numerous other roles in TV shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles and Mercy, as well as movies like Sister Cities. She has surely paved her way to success.


5. James Masters as Spike

Sunnydale’s resident bad boy Spike ditched the peroxide and moved onto Smallville after the show finished. He had some minor roles in numerous films, as well as lending his voice to Japanese anime TV series Dragon Ball Super.


6. Amber Benson as Tara Maclay

Amber decided to focus on her own production company, Benson Entertainment after Buffy. Later on, she had minor roles in a couple of TV series, including Supernatural. However, tellingly, in a 2015 Reddit AMA Amber said she was “an actress in a former life”.


7. Seth Green as Daniel “Oz” Osbourne

Seth has done really well since Buffy left our screens. He is the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy and co-creator, co-producer, writer, director, and the most frequent voice on the Emmy-winning sketch comedy TV series Robot Chicken. Right now he is working on the satirical comedy movie Coup d’Etat.


8. Marc Blucas as Riley Finn

This was Buffy’s second boyfriend and he also had a great career after the tv series. He acted in movies like I Capture the Castle, Knight and Day and The Jane Austen Book Club. And he still looks handsome!


9. Eliza Dushku as Faith

No matter how much you hated her in Buffy, you probably love her nowadays, ever since she started appearing on shows like The Big Bang Theory, Ugly Betty and Banshee. Despite her successful acting career, she’s currently studying Sociology at Suffolk University in Boston. Good for you, Eliza!


10. Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles

If this weird sexy librarian was one of your favorites, you might ask yourself what he looks like now. He has had roles in movies such as The Iron Lady, The Inbetweeners Movie and A Street Cat Named Bob.


11. Emma Caulfield as Anyanka “Anya” Christina Emmanuella Jenkins

Emma sadly quit acting after the show ended, but has recently returned with roles on shows including Supergirl and Once Upon a Time.


12. Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase

It seems like we saw her on every other show after Buffy. She appeared on Charmed, Veronica Mars and Angel, and more recently you can catch her on Scream Queens and Chicago P.D.


13. Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers

Buffy’s mum took on some minor television roles after Buffy including on One Life to Live and The Following. She is currently traveling the world and working on personal projects.


14. David Boreanaz as Angel

David went on to star in Buffy spin-off, Angel. Later on, he took one of the main roles in long-running drama Bones which ended this year after 12 seasons.


15. Juliet Landau as Drusilla

After Buffy, Juliet acted in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, and she also produced and starred in the play Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.



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