The Cast Of Even Stevens Then And Now

The Even Stevens comedy show aired from 2000-2003 on Disney channel in three seasons. Many of us had a great time laughing with the characters of the show and may actors became our favorite childhood sweethearts. The Disney show is still well-remembered and loved today, especially for its talented cast. Have you ever wondered what happened to Louis, Ren, and the whole Stevens gang?

Many members of the cast are still in the show business today. Needless to say, the show remained very popular among fans and was also nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards. Here is what the cast have been up to these days, 14 years after the show aired its last episode.

1. Shia LaBeouf continued acting and caused controversy.

Photo:  Disney Channel/Twitter

Shia LaBeouf became pretty popular because of the show. He portrayed Louis Stevens, who was a bratty but adored underachiever. Since the ending of the show, he went on to play in movies such as the Transformers films, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Besides his career, he has sparked a lot of controversy. He has given strange interviews for the press and has refused to shower.

2. Christy Carlson Romano went for Broadway

Photo:  Disney Channel /Twitter

Christy Carlson Romano had the role of the intelligent adolescent Ren Stevens. Interestingly, she starred in three Disney Channel Projects at once (Even Stevens, Cadet Kelly, and Kim Possible). After these shows, she graduated from Barnard College, and starred on Broadway in Beauty and the Beast and Avenue Q.

3. Steven Anthony Lawrence is in acting

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He was, for some, the most annoying neighbor Beans, and was obsessed with bacon. Steven Anthony Lawrence, has acted in several movies since.

4. Nick Spano became an acting teacher

Photo:  Disney Channel/Instagram

Nick was definitely a rebel in the show. He hasn’t appeared in anything since 2011, but went into the academic part. Nick became a teacher and has established a yoga community as well.

5. Tom Virtue is still into acting

Photo: Disney Channel /YouTube

He was an eccentric but good-hearted attorney in the show. Tom Virtue, who played Steve, continued working in the film industry. He appeared in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Iron Man 3, The Office, and This Is Us.

6. Donna Pescow is on The Flash

Photo: Disney Channel /Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Matriarch Eileen Stevens was a politician mom. She continued acting mostly in theaters. Pescow is also well-known from her principal role in Saturday Night Fever, whereas in 2017, she took a role in The Flash. She is married with one child in LA.

7. A.J. Trauth is out of the spotlight

Photo: Disney Channel/Twitter

A.J. Trauth was Louis’s best friend Twitty. They had a lot of adventures together. Nowadays, the actor keeps a low profile. Trauth is married to actress Leah Pipes.

8. Margo Harshman is on NCIS 

Photo: Disney Channel /Twitter

She was Louis’s best firend and a goth girl who many fans loved. Margo Harshman can now be seen on tv as well. Since 2013, she has had a role on NCIS, playing a Department of Defense employee.

9. Lauren Frost is a multi-artist

Photo: Disney Channel /Twitter

Lauren Frost portrayed Ren’s devoted friend and hasn’t been very active in acting lately. She has tried singing and producing instead. The actress lives in Los Angeles.

10. Gary LeRoi Gray is still acting

Photo: Disney Channel /Twitter

Gary LeRoi Gray was a famous child actor back in the days of the show. He even played another character named Nelson on The Cosby Show. The actor has continued acting and appeared in the movie Blackbird and had a principal role in the 2018 TV series Fly.

11. Ty Hodges has been directing, writing and producing.

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Larry was Ren’s nemesis, and the actor is still a busy Hollywood actor. He tried directing with the 2006 movie Miles from Home.

12. Jim Wise acts and writes nowadays.

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Coach Tugnut was a funny character, indeed. The actor had a good acting career even before the show. He is also an established television writer, crediting The Arsenio Hall Show and The Tonight Show.

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