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Where Are They Now: The Cast Of Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was the definition of an awkward teen. The titular character of Disney’s teen sitcom, created by Terri Minsky, was nothing if not extremely clumsy. However, her loyalty to her friends and family as well as her desire to find her place in the world made her very likeable and relatable.

Can you believe it’s been 13 years since the show went off air? What has happened to the cast in the meantime I wonder… Well, we’re about to find out! None of them managed to become a global star, except perhaps Hilary Duff, but most of them did stay in show business. Scrolling through this list, compiled by Ranker, will definitely bring back epic memories.

1. Hilary Duff


Photo:  Disney/Instagram

Hilary Duff may have been only 14-years-old when the show first went on air, but she couldn’t have done a better job. She had some serious acting chops which made for very believable heartfelt scenes, as well as an excellent sense of humour and comedic timing for the funny ones. However, acting isn’t her only talent: she is also a successful singer with five studio albums. After the show was over, Duff continued acting, and starred in movies such as Cheaper By The Dozen and A Cinderella Story. The 30-year-old actress is also a bestselling author, having written a trilogy of young adult novels. Currently, she stars alongside Sutton Foster in the comedy-drama series Younger.

2. Lalaine Vergara-Paras


Photo:  Disney/Twitter

Lalaine Vergara-Paras played the role of Lizzie’s best friend Miranda, who seemed very self-assured, but deep inside she was extremely self-conscious. Vergara-Paras had few acting gigs after Lizzie McGuire. The most important one was the three-episodes she did for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The 30-year-old decided to focus her attention on music instead. This is the reason behind Miranda’s mysterious absence in some of the last episodes of the show, as well as in the following movie. In 2007, Vergara-Paras was caught using crystal meth. After a stint in rehab, she continued acting and making music.

3. Adam Lamberg


Photo:  Disney/Twitter

Lizzie’s other best friend Gordo, played by Adam Lamberg, was a very sassy character, but had a heart of gold. Lamberg has only had a few minor roles after Lizzie and has since retired from acting. He finished his education and got a bachelor’s in geography from UC Berkley. He also got a master’s in public administration from Baruch College. Currently, the 33-year-old resides in New York, and is unsure whether or not he will return to the entertainment industry. “I’m probably somewhere between the denial stage and the acceptance stage as to whether I still can/want to do this with my life,” he said.

4. Hallie Todd


Photo:  Disney/Instagram

Jo McGuire was Lizzie’s mum. She wasn’t perfect but that may well be the reason we loved her so much. The actress behind the role, Hallie Todd, was born in a show biz family: her mother was actress Ann Guilbert (Yetta from The Nanny) and her father was writer and TV producer George Eckstein. Since the show ended, Todd hasn’t had much success in acting. She only had a few minor roles in shows and small movies. However, the 55-year-old is a respected acting coach. She has even written two books about performing, aimed at young and aspiring actors. Todd married director/producer Glenn Withrow in 1991, and they have a daughter, Ivy.

5. Robert Carradine


Photo: Disney/Twitter

Lizzie and her dad Sam are proof that awkwardness runs in the genes, but that only made us love them both even more. Sam was played by Robert Carradine, another actor who comes from a show biz family. Robert’s father was horror and Western actor John Carradine, and his brothers are Keith (Tom Frank in Nashville) and David Carradine (Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu, Bill in Kill Bill). Robert has had several acting projects since the days of Lizzie. However, the most exposure he got was when he suffered a car accident in 2015, in which both he and his wife were seriously injured. Apparently, the accident was caused by a psychotic episode, as his wife said that he did it on purpose after refusing to take his medication for bipolar disorder.

6. Jake Thomas


Photo: Disney/Twitter

Matt was the perfect representation of an annoying younger sibling, thanks to the flawless portrayal of actor Jake Thomas. Thomas is still in the industry, working as actor, director, and photographer. Even though he had a gift for doing comedy, the 27-year-old now mostly does serious roles, including appearances on ER, House, Criminal Minds, and NCIS. The biggest role he’s had after Lizzie was over, was in Cory In The House, another Disney sitcom which lasted for only one season.

7. Ashlie Brillault


Photo: Disney/Twitter

Ashlie Brillault played mean girl Kate. But after the show was cancelled, Brillault decided to quit acting, attended college at the California State University and got a degree in political science. After that she got another degree in law. The 30-year-old is also married and has a daughter.

“At the moment I’m focusing on being a mom to this amazing little human being,” she told MTV in 2015. “And in the next few months I plan on looking for a job as a lawyer in the civil rights or criminal defense field. My ultimate goal is to work on issues related to criminal justice reform.”

8. Clayton Snyder


Photo: Disney/Twitter

Ethan was a charming, but airhead, hunk who had all the girls crushing on him. The character was played by Clayton Snyder. After the role, Snyder stayed away from acting. Instead, he went to university, became part of the water polo team, and later played for the US national polo team. However, recently the 30-year-old has been taking a few small acting jobs in several web series, and most notably on NCIS.

9. Kyle Downes


Photo: Disney/Twitter

Kyle Downes portrayed the character of Larry “Tudge” Tudgeman, the nerdy kid whose only friends were Lizzie and her gang. After the show was over, however, the actor had a few guest roles (two episodes on The L Word), but mostly he spends his time writing and directing. The 34-year-old has created several short films and an upcoming crime thriller film called Proxy Kill.

10. Davida Williams


Photo: Disney/Twitter

Kate may have been a mean girl, but the one we all really loved to hate was Claire. Williams is the daughter of David Williams, Michael Jackson’s rhythm guitarist of over 30 years. She started acting in the early ’90s, and has continued doing so even after Lizzie. She had a recurring role on As The World Turns, but most recently she has appeared on TV shows such as Training Day, Baby Daddy, and Casual. The 31-year-old is also a singer and photographer.

11. Christian Copelin


Photo: Disney/tumblr.

Christian Copelin is the actor who played Lanny Onassis, Matt’s friend, who never said a single word in the whole show. But the character is not the only one who is very mysterious. Very little is know about the actor himself. After Lizzie was over, he’s been flying  almost completely below the radar, as MTV was able to unearth only one other project that he’s worked on since. Back in 2008, the 27-year-old wrote and produced a web series and even voiced one of the characters!

12. Carly Schroeder


Photo: Disney/Twitter

Melina was Matt’s friend and eventual love interest. She was played by Carly Schroder. Schroder continued her career as an actress and played the main character in the sports drama film Gracie. The 27-year-old has also had appeared on several TV shows, most notably as Serena Baldwin on General Hospital. In 2013, she graduated from California Lutheran University.

Source: ranker