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What the cast members of friends looked like in their very first episodes versus now


It is time to talk about our favorite show ever, “Friends”.  How much have the actors changed since then? How do they look now?

The talented actress, does the best entrance any girl could ask for. Viewers meet Rachel, as she storms into Central Perk, wearing a 90’s dreamy wedding dress. But, she wasn’t done with wedding dresses. She wears one in season 4, episode 20, and clearly one for her real-life nuptials to hubby Justin Theroux. And yeah, all that Brangelina drama? Let her out of it, she simply doesn’t care.


It is Monica, who was in hardcore mom-mode when the show aired. Dressed and looking like one. She took charge of the group for 10 years, and let’s be honest, Rachel needed someone to take care of her back then. She also regrets some of her plastic surgery but, she still manages to make us laugh when we watch an episode of Cougar Town on Hulu.


She is one of our favorites. Of course we are talking about Phoebe Buffay. When viewers finally met her with the pigtails and baggy denim vest, she screamed 90’s grunge all over. Nowadays she looks a little bit different, but we are sure she has still some Phoebe in her.


Ross Gellar walked in with his depressing, “Hi.” He also did impress fans with his recent role as Robert Kardashian in American Crime
Story, and his secret rap skills even shocked James Corden. Impressive Ross, huh?


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